Features, Features, Features

Colorado VoIP service can provide features standard phones simply can’t do.  Some of these features are: software call monitoring, voicemail to e-mail, day and night ringing, forwarding to external numbers based on a schedule, unlimited ring groups, conference calls on-the-fly, and these are just to name a few!

Colorado VoIP Communications provides 3CX Phone
Colorado VoIP Communications can lower your monthly bill

Lower Your Bill

Switching to VoIP can reduce your phone bill by up to half.  Long distance calls are free.  Remote offices can utilize the same phone number.  VoIP calling is over-all cheaper than analog systems.  Adding extensions, transferring calls, caller ID, conferencing is all included!

Bring Your Own Internet

A part of VoIP simplicity is the fact that you can bring your own internet.  As long as your internet connectivity speed is 3 Mb or more, we can provide VoIP service to your location.

You can utilize your internet for all phone traffic

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