Residential Phone Service

Our residential package allows many features that is not common for home users. Our customers can pick and choose which options to use without any additional cost.
Here is a list:

  • Voice Mail
  • Music on hold
  • Call Forwarding – to a cell phone or vacation home for example
  • Ring groups – must have a second phone for this option
  • Time conditions
  • Caller ID
  • No Long Distance – calls cost the same in the lower 48
  • Low international rates

All residential plans are a Pre-Paid Service that will be paid for via Paypal. Pre-paid service allows our customers flexibility:

  • No Contract!
  • Pre-pay for an entire week, month, year – it’s all up to you!
  • To stop service just simply stop paying!


Network Approved Phones

In order to utilize our service one of our recommended devices must be on the local network. They are listed below:

  • Purchase one of our recommended Yealink VoIP phones.
  • Bring your own phone. It doesn’t have to be a VoIP phone, but our VoIP adapter will have purchased for service.


Residential Pricing Plan

Residential 1 - Single Phone

  • 0.015 per minute
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Call Paths
  • 1 DID
  • E 911 Routing

Residential 2 - Add a Second Phone

  • 0.015 per minute
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Call Paths
  • E 911 Routing

Residential Terms of Service

Internet Service
Our service relies upon the internet. We require speeds at or greater than 3Mb for our service to have the reliability and clarity that we expect. We have no control over the internet service provider (ISP) so we cannot guarantee how the call will be handled. Under normal circumstances the service will provide a reliable and good quality communication path.

911 Service
As required by law 911 service will be activated for emergencies. If an internet outage or power outage occurs the phones cannot place a 911 call, an alternate method will have to be utilized. If our customers move to a new address we will have to be notified to provide the 911 database with current and accurate address information. In the event of an emergency always dial 911.

International Calling
We offer the ability to call internationally. We do not enable this functionality by default and this is to protect your account in the event of a security breach. If calls need to be placed internationally we can turn on this service as needed. Call rates for international calls are at higher rates than calls made within the continental US 48.

Phone Usage Billing
Colorado VoIP Communications will not bill a residential customer for phone usage. It is a pre-paid service that the customer maintains. If the account falls below the monthly threshold the account will go into a deactivated status. If the account has been inactive for 60 days the account will be closed and all associated phone numbers will be rejected. Once a phone number is rejected it cannot be reactivated or ported.

All service calls, whether performed on-site, via telephone, or remote computer control will be billed at $75/hour.

System Maintenance
System maintenance is required for maintaining a reliable phone network. Maintenance commonly occurs between 10pm – 4am. Reasonable effort will be made to alert customers of planned system maintenance. During unscheduled maintenance customers may experience active sessions being dropped by the system.

Terms of Service Agreement

Full Terms of Service
Please read our full terms of service for residential clients. By activating service you are in full agreement with the residential terms of service.

Changes to our Residential Terms of Service
Any changes to our Residential Terms of Service will posted on this page and can occur without notice.